2019 Common Election results

For 5 parent representatives

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Successful representatives
Scott Elwarth
Sarah Jack
Hayley Kirk-Smith
Kyle Alexander MacDonald
Sonya Singh

We therefore declare the following duly elected:

Mr Scott Elwarth, Mrs Sarah Jack, Mrs Hayley Kirk-Smith, Mr Kyle Alexander MacDonald and Ms Sonya Singh.

Emma Catherine Finlayson-Davis
Louis John McLennan
Shona Tagg
Adam Charles Williams
Invalid Votes: 2

Meet your representatives


Scott Elwarth

My name is Scott Elwarth and I am standing for Balmoral School Board. I have a child at Balmoral Primary and another at Balmoral Intermediate. My eldest child has this year started at MAGS having progressed through Balmoral School I am a Chartered Engineer with many years of experience design and construction delivery. I am a current Board member standing for re-election, my position on the Board is property representative. I have accompanied a long and frankly difficult process with a number of key stakeholders which has culminated in the school build project which is now underway. My continuity on the Board will be of value to Balmoral school to successfully deliver the build project to our full expectation. Continuity of governance will also be valued by the Principal, Management Team and Teaching staff.

Sarah Jack

My name is Sarah Jack and I am standing for the Balmoral School Board of Trustees. My husband Sam and I have two children at Balmoral School – Hannah in Year 4 and Lachie in Year 2.

I have held previous governance roles on the boards of Netball North (a predecessor entity to the Netball Northern Zone) and Epsom Community Crèche and spent three years as the Chairperson of Gardner Road Kindergarten (an independent, not-for-profit, community Kindergarten). I believe that this governance experience and my professional background as a corporate lawyer (both in private practice and in-house), give me useful skills and perspectives to offer the Balmoral School Board of Trustees.

In my opinion, quality education starts with the staff. If elected, I will continue the work of the previous Board in helping to ensure that our staff have all the support, resources and professional development opportunities they need to give our children a great learning experience.

I am currently the Secretary of the PTA and this role, together with my experiences as a parent at the school over the past three and a half years, has given me an appreciation of the wonderful Balmoral School community. I want to ensure that the school continues to meet the needs of this community and provides our children with the best possible start to their education.

Representing the parents and whānau of Balmoral School would be a privilege and I would love the opportunity to support the Principal and senior management to deliver a strong, broad curriculum and a nurturing, positive environment for both our children and staff.

Hayley Kirk-Smith

My name is Hayley Kirk-Smith and I am standing for the Balmoral School Board. I have had the pleasure and privilege of being a Trustee for the last 3 years and have had a long and meaningful association with Balmoral School starting as a new teacher in 1999, with my last class in 2015, and now as a parent of children, Louis (y5) and George (y3). I am passionate about education and the ongoing success of our school, and I bring a range of relevant experience, skills and knowledge to the role of Trustee. Over the last 3 years I have worked on the Property Committee and have supported Sonya Singh as the Deputy Chair. In this time we have broken ground on our build and have also had our third consecutive ‘5 Year’ ERO review. Both of these are achievements that I’m very proud to have been a part of. I held the position of Vice-President on the Auckland Playcentres Association Governance Board from 2014 until February 2019, during a period of historic change for this organisation which has gone through a national restructure and amalgamation. Previously, as a teacher at Balmoral I was elected to be the Staff Representative on the BoT during the building of many of our current Primary classrooms and understand the challenges that building works may present to the BoT, teaching and administrative staff, children and the school community. I have an in-depth, working understanding of the strategic direction of the school and I am passionate about our school's philosophy and approach including Inquiry, Philosophy for Children and Learning Through Play. I understand the impact of Ministry of Education policy, such as Innovative Learning Environments (ILE), on teachers and our children and seek to ensure that we strive to make these impacts positive and strengthening for all. It is vital we continue to build and maintain strong relationships and communication between all parties involved in your child’s schooling, a key role for the BoT. I believe we have an incredible school that provides a rich and varied curriculum and supports the social and emotional needs of all our children. I have the time, energy and commitment to give to the role as Trustee. I would be honoured to be re-elected, to play a part in supporting and continuing to strengthen and grow our school for our current and future students.

Kyle Alexander MacDonald

My Name is Kyle MacDonald, and I am standing for the Balmoral School Board.

My reasons for standing are simple: our family love this school, and want to support the current leadership and teaching team to continue to do the wonderful work they do with our children.

We have two girls at the school, Pippa in year 4 and Beth who has just started in year 0. When making the all important decision as to which school to send our children to, our research kept bringing us back to Balmoral School. We felt drawn to the values of engagement and enjoyment in education and the healthy emotional environment that the school offers.

And so we made the decision to move into zone so we could become part of this community. It is a decision we have never regretted.

So that’s why I’m standing: because I believe deeply in the values of the School.

But why should you vote for me?

Well I’m a psychotherapist by profession, with 20 years professional experience and I’ve served in a number of governance roles. I was a member of the New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists Council for four years and have served on the boards of Non-Governmental Agencies.

Currently I’m a trustee on the board of the “Key to Life Charitable Trust” the organisation behind the work of current New Zealander of the Year, Mike King and his recent “Gumboot Friday” youth mental health fund-raising campaign.

This year I will be standing as a City Vision Candidate for the Auckland District Health Board in the upcoming Local Body Elections.

I’m passionate about mental health, emotional wellbeing, education and children's development and have spoken publicly about bullying, parenting and children's wellbeing in a number of media, including via my weekly NZ Herald column, and as the regular co-host of “The Nutters Club” a long running mental health focussed show on NewstalkZB.

I also spent six years attending Morningside Playcentre every Friday with my girls, and as a family we loved being part of that community - a community that shares many values with Balmoral School.

If elected I will do everything in my power to support the Principal Malcolm, and his excellent team, in their ongoing work to make Balmoral School the best Primary School in Auckland, and one that nurtures not just our children's education, but their emotional and social wellbeing as well.

Sonya Singh

My name is Sonya Singh and I am standing as a Trustee for Balmoral School. I am the current Board chair and have been in this role for 2 Board terms. I love our school and consider it a privilege to serve on the Board. I am excited about our school’s future with having been involved in 2 excellent ERO reports and a rebuild finally underway. I too would like to see our school pool reopen once it is safe to do so and as soon as possible! I am a parent of 3 boys and have a supportive family that makes it all possible! I see my role as supporting Malcolm and the school to ensure our children receive the kind of education where they can thrive as curious (challenging) and competent citizens of the future. As a family court lawyer, my experience in the area of child protection and appointments by the court to act for children have helped shape my view of what is important to children– security (family, being included), good health (wellbeing) and education (broad learning, the fun of coming to school). I want to see Balmoral School continue to encompass what is important to our children. I believe my other life experiences (from being a referee for 3 boys, dealing with high conflict family matters and balancing the views of different people in decision making) make me well setup to serve the school community again. I look forward to working with Malcolm, and our school leadership team to ensure the school’s focus continues to be on “the joy of learning” * when they come to school. I would like to ensure Balmoral School continues to provide our children with a great environment that is responsive to their varying needs. I want to ensure our teachers can continue to access quality professional development, and Malcolm and the leadership team is supported to make teaching and learning decisions based on quality research.

Sonya Singh *2018 ERO report